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Granite Cleaning & Sealing

Sealing Granite Countertops

Zerorez® uses nanotechnology to fill your granite's pores. Our sealers are completely proprietary and are applied by trained professionals to make it even more effective. It fills down into all the porous areas of your granite surface to ensure there's nowhere for bacteria to grow. If there are any bacteria present at the time of application, our process will suffocate it. Over the long term, our sealer inhibits residue formation in your granite surfaces.

How we Clean Granite

As we use Zr Clean™ to deep clean your granite at high temperatures, we simultaneously recover the water with suction. That means there's no mess or residual wetness left behind. It also means we remove all harmful substances from the granite's pores after suffocating them with hot Zr Clean™. The only remaining step is to seal your granite so it stays clean and beautiful.
  • Zr Clean™ Technology

    Zerorez® cleans all types of surfaces using our proprietary Zr Clean™ technology. Our state-of-the-art process allows us to remove harmful macterials without using any potentially harmful chemicals. This is especially useful in areas like kitchens or around bathroom sinks because cleaning those areas with dangerous chemicals could leave harmful residues behind.

  • Non-Toxic

    Our water-based solution is completely non-toxic and does not rely on harsh soaps, shampoos, or detergents. It's much safer when we don't leave any residues behind, and it will help your granite look better too. We electrolyze and oxidize our Zr Clean™ to create a powerful cleaning solution that's also safe enough to drink.

  • No Residue

    Our pure cleaning solution doesn't leave anything behind that could attract dust or dirt, so your granite can look beautiful and fresh instead of grimy or greasy. The pressurized delivery process applies Zr Clean™ to your granite to remove all contaminants at high but safe pressure. This can restore the color of your granite and return it to its original beauty.

No Residue® Left Behind

Our granite sealer will not leave any residue behind on your countertop or other granite surfaces so that customers can expect a lasting effect with all the following benefits:

  • Your granite has been sealed from the inside of the porous area out, so the results won't be wiped away by regular cleaning.
  • The surface of your granite will be more hygienic, making it safer for use in food preparation, cleaning, or other daily activities in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Your granite will have a more beautiful finish and stay true to the original color instead of being darkened by dirt.
  • Our GREEN technology will protect your home and the environment at the same time by avoiding the use of any harmful chemicals. This also helps preserve your granite from being worn down slowly over time.